Alliant 2400 for Dummies

Alliant 2400 for Dummies

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By the tip with the nineties, Hercules Inc., had offered off a substantial quantity of its divisions that had not been lucrative for the organization. This triggered the price of shares of common inventory in Hercules to increase previously mentioned US$70. Several successful Price tag-savings courses ended up applied Along with buying again its possess shares.

The options are extraordinary and my hat is off to your wildcatters that have developed new cartridges or no less than new loads working with A few of these powders.

All Capturing Times subscribers now have electronic use of their journal information. This implies you've the option to browse your journal on most favored phones and tablets.

As soon as in a gun show, some male told me you will find people that acquire these items — nostalgia, a single supposes — but I’ve never available it available for purchase wherever since it jogs my memory of a time distant, when my dad and grandpa would just take me together over a morning hunt, although I used to be a damned nuisance.

Then There exists the make a difference of primer suitability. Most hand-loaders who use W296/H110 are aware that a magnum primer is usually recommended for uniform ignition.

With lighter bullets and diminished powder demand, you can change a forty four Magnum or five hundred S&W Magnum from the “bucking bronco” to some “tame pony” (or near to it no less than!).

Alliant Powder is a number one producer of higher-quality smokeless gun powder with the reloading of ammunition. Established in 1916, Alliant Powder has actually been supplying quality goods to shooters and reloaders for more than 100 several years.

The late Elmer Keith often mentioned 2400 as the propellant he used with his .forty four Magnum masses, and for a very long time it absolutely was my only option for the .

But normally, the old responsible 2400 retains its possess. Recently one Sunday afternoon when I had been on the patio oiling a handful of cartridge belts, I remembered a box of .357 cases were looking forward to interest for months.

Somewhere back in the dead of night shadows of your time, I arrived into possession of a really aged can of 2400 and there was really still a very modest degree of powder inside of. I hardly ever bothered to make use of it within a cartridge as I had no concept of its actual pedigree, though the can is a thing a single could possibly hope to discover about the shelf of the outdated sporting products Mother-and-Pop shop.

Thinking of current ammunition shortages, I also experienced a bit of smugness due to the fact I took A fast inventory and established there is not any cause to stress at the thought of vacant cabinets.

No muzzle flash was observed from possibly of Individuals two powders when shot in the extended barrels. Neither of another powders produced apparent muzzle flash from the 3 barrel lengths.

As outlined by my Redding 10X powder measure, gravimetric density of The 2 powders is identical. Coloration differs somewhat, but otherwise the flattened balls of propellant show up fairly very similar in diameter mix.

Paper Technologies generates specialty chemical substances towards the pulp and paper business. These products include purposeful, approach, and drinking water remedy chemical substances for a wide variety order now of pulp and paper applications.

In some cases Electricity Professional 300-MP would seem a bit slower burning than W296/H110, but at other moments it seems a tad more quickly. Its demand bodyweight to velocity ratio may differ as bullet excess weight and barrel size range. As can be observed during the accompanying chart, it took a grain much more driving the 240-grain Sierra bullet to succeed in velocities comparable to People made by W296 for the .

I utilized cotton balls, Just about every Reduce into four items, fluffed up then stuffed carefully around the powder prior to seating and crimping the bullet. I'm able to’t try to remember the charge bodyweight but Assume it remains marked over the aged Hornady metric scale I was utilizing. The 2400 was by far the most exact on the powders I had examined. Was able to put three shots in a nickle at fifty yards from a bench and pistol rest. I created certain the load was held modest In accordance with info for trap door rifles.

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